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Innovative Online Educational Course released by the Skills4Adherence project!










Patient Adherence and Polytherapy in the Elderly is an innovative Online Educational Course that has just been released by the Skills4Adherence project. 

Healthcare professionals may find it difficult to deal with problems of nonadherence and polypharmacy in the elderly. In order to find solutions to these problems, The Skills4Adherence project was developed through the collaboration of three EIP on AHA Action Group A1 partners: Medical University of Lodz (PL), ICS Maugeri (IT) and University of Porto (PT). Right now, Skills4Adherence has released Online Educational Course on Patient Adherence and Polytherapy in the Elderly.

This comprehensive evidence-based training program is composed of 3 pillars, providing basic knowledge and practical skills in:

  • Methods to improve patient adherence,
  • Prevention of polypharmacy,
  • Methods to increase uptake of adherence-enhancing interventions in the elderly.

The course is free of charge, and open to everybody interested. Materials are provided in 4 languages: English, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese. Healthcare professionals and students are particularly invited to enjoy it. Along with training, the course is providing testing and certification.

Skills4Adherence Online Educational Course on Patient Adherence and Polytherapy in the Elderly is available here. The Skills4Adherence project was co-financed by the ERASMUS + Program.

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