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Healthy ageing and independent living: SHAPES Open Calls funds


Aiming to sustain its pilots activities, the Large-Scale Pilot project SHAPES offers 50 000EUR grants to SMEs, universities and research centres, among others, to promote innovation on smart homes, nutrition and hydration, smart connectables, chatbots, social support in local communities, and more.

The call is open until February 28th, 2021.

More information: https://shapes2020.eu/open-calls/call-1/

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Related action groups: 
A1 Adherence to prescription, A2 Falls prevention, A3 Lifespan Health Promotion & Prevention of Age Related Frailty and Disease, B3 Integrated care, C2 Independent living solutions, D4 Age friendly environments
Relevance to partnership: 
Active ageing and independent living, Care and cure, Prevention, screening and early diagnosis