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Get ready to submit proposals for innovation procurements in health field!


Don't miss the 34 million euro of EU funding for innovation procurements in the areas of digital health and care (deadline 18 June) and integrated care (deadline 4 June). These calls are welcoming also proposals that help fight Covid-type viruses, bacteria, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, rare diseases. This could address for example increasing the preparedness in diagnostics, telemedicine, e-health, m-health, organisation of self-care, professional care, improving antimicrobial resistance etc.

Through innovation procurement the public sector can drive innovation from the demand side. This enables the public sector to modernize public services faster while creating opportunities for companies in Europe to bring research results to the market and gain leadership in new markets.

Horizon 2020 supports two complementary types of innovation procurement: Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) addresses the development and testing of innovative solutions, Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) focuses on the deployment of innovative solutions. Examples of ongoing PCP and PPI projects.

For corona pandemic related questions, check out the Horizon 2020 FAQ list for Corona situation specific questions.

Check out the new calls with submission deadlines in 2020:

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