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Events around the I2M Plan


Events around the Innovation to Market (I2M) Plan have speed up since end June 2018. The I2M Plan is currently being developed using a co-design methodology. It involves Key Opinion Leaders identified during the first stages of the I2M activities. The Key Opinion Leaders have met on two occasions, discussing how to address barriers to greater impact of AHA innovations. Main conclusion reached so far is that, to effectively accomplish a large-scale uptake of Digital Innovation for AHA, support services should not only be aiming at the suppliers of innovation side but also at facilitating the procurers’ purchase of innovative solutions. An additional on-line meeting is foreseen at the end of August to further consolidate concepts and services to be included in the first issue of the I2M Plan.

More information in the EIP AHA Portal, I2M dedicated page.

I2M; plan; co-design; uptake; digital innovation; support services
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