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EU FrailSafe Newsletter is out!


Citizen empowerment with digital tools for user feedback and person-centred care - using digital tools to empower people to look after their health, stimulate prevention and enable feedback and interaction between users and healthcare providers.”

This is one of three priorities of the European Commission in regards of the Digital Single Market and its Transformation of Health and Care. EU FrailSafe addresses the very heart of this priority in one specific area: a technological solution to support older people in detecting frailty symptoms at an early stage and intervene individually and with the support of health professionals. More news are to be found in Newsletter #5

Learn more about the latest developments of the project dedicated to a comprehensive understanding of Frailty on our website.

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Related action groups: 
A2 Falls prevention, A3 Lifespan Health Promotion & Prevention of Age Related Frailty and Disease, B3 Integrated care, C2 Independent living solutions
Relevance to partnership: 
Active ageing and independent living, Prevention, screening and early diagnosis