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The EpiChron Cohort Study of Chronic Diseases and Multimorbidity


The International Journal of Epidemiology has recently published an article describing the EpiChron Cohort Study, a large-scale cohort-based study of chronic diseases and multimorbidity conducted by the Epichron Research Group of Aragon Health Sciences Institute, which is an active member of the Action Group A1 of the EIP on AHA.

This inititiave aims to study the epidemiology and impact on health outcomes of chronic diseases and multimorbidity in the Spanish region of Aragon (1.3 M inhabitants) from a longitudinal perspective (2010-2020). For this purpose, a population cohort linking the most relevant clinical and demographical information of public health system users in Aragon has ben created, which is continuosly subjected to a depuration and quality control process to ensure the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of data for research in multimorbidity. The final goal of this project is to identify risk factors (e.g., clinical, social, demographical) of bad health outcomes in people with multimorbidity, including higher risk of mortality and adverse drug reactions, polypharmacy, low adherence to medical plan, inappropriate health services use, etc.

One of the key points of this project is to scaling up the knowlegde in the area of chronicity and multimorbidity and to promote collaborations to engage new partners and conduct cross-national studies. Thus, as part of this project and in the context of the EIP on AHA AG A1, a collaborative work involving researchers from Spain, Italy and Ireland has been conducted to stablish cross-national comparisons in terms of adherence levels to different chronic therapies.

The protocol and main outcomes obtained to date as result of the EpiChron Cohort Study, as well as a description of the data quality control process followed in the cohort are available at: https://academic.oup.com/ije/advance-article/doi/10.1093/ije/dyx259/4812000

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