EIP on AHA Conference of Partners 2013 - All documents now available online!


The documents distributed during the Conference of Partners this 25 November are now available online on your Marketplace. These include notably the compilations of Good Practices gathered in the last months by the Action Groups on Prescription and adherence to treatment (A1), Prevention of functional decline and frailty (A3), Integrated care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level (B3) and Age friendly buildings, cities and environments (D4).
The Library now also contains the Action Groups - First Year Achievements leaflet, providing an overview of all Action Groups activities and the progress they made since they presented their work plans in 2012, as well as the second edition of the Reference Sites, Excellent innovation for ageing Guides, the How to Guide, with practical indications on how to scale up and transfer best elements of the Reference Sites experiences to other European contexts (published as a follow-up to the first edition published in July 2013 which introduced the 32 Reference Sites).

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Related action groups: 
A1 Adherence to prescription, A2 Falls prevention, A3 Functional decline and frailty, C2 Independent living solutions, D4 Age friendly environments
Relevance to partnership: 
Prevention, screening and early diagnosis, Care and cure, Active ageing and independent living, Horizontal issues and framework conditions