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Conference of Partners 2019 highlights: towards a new partnership, I2M, MAFEIP and RS Award Ceremony


The second day of the Conference of Partners started with the same energy as we finished yesterday. Three EIP on AHA sessions were programmed during the day topped off by celebrating the recently awarded 77 Reference Sites from across Europe. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another!



A new partnership for dealing with demographic change in Europe!


“We come from different perspectives, but we have a common vision. The time is here to speak up, go out and give these three stimulating communities a common voice for dealing with demographic change in Europe.”


Europe is the oldest and fastest ageing of the continents. Guided by television anchor, Fernanda Freitas, this group of panellists debated the future of active and healthy ageing policies and funding under the upcoming Horizon Europe framework programme. In 2018-2019, searching to develop a combined vision of European ageing and care, three European Partnership initiatives the AAL, the EIP on AHA and the JPI MYBL started to collaborate. Together, they are seeking a more comprehensive, holistic, interpretation of ageing and care in an increasingly digitising world. Approaches included technological, social, and behavioural viewpoints. The views are absolutely in line with the thinking of the World Health Organization.


Whilst the details of the collaboration are still under discussion, it is clear that the prospective partnership will focus on making demographic change in the digital world a better experience for people of all ages. The speakers all agreed that the next steps have to be taken together.


The EIP on AHA will keep all members up to date with the progress in the formation of this partnership, watch this space!



Innovation to Market (I2M)


“The AHA market represents a great opportunity. The number of people aged 65+ will double from 2010 to 2060. What a positive outlook for the AHA Market.”


Bringing together supply and demand in the world of active and healthy ageing is key! This workshop session launched the support services provided by the I2M Plan, which is addressed to both buyers and solution developers. The plan’s purpose is to accelerate the adoption of suitable AHA solutions. 


I2M addresses the AHA market. It explores the types of AHA-related investments made in Europe by both public and private sector organisations. It identifies the gaps that exist between demand and supply which create barriers to sound deployment. 


Three goals dominate. They focus on scaling-up solutions and exploring market opportunities; driving innovation forward; and ensuring a higher success rate of market uptake. Bringing together supply and demand is clearly key. 


Four upcoming initiatives featured large:

  • Join the eHealth HUB platform.
  • Are you a healthcare organisation looking to implement an Active and Healthy Ageing digital solution? Submit your need and we will match you with potential providers. Get involved in match-making activities.
  • Take part in the Call for I2M Adoption Awards. The awards will be given at the Digital Health and Wellness Summit and included in the @FYFN Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2020.
  • Attend the training sessions for procurers, one of which will be held at the 2019 EHTEL Symposium. A likely topic will be around successful adoption of healthcare innovation. Details coming in mid-October 2019.


Download the presentation on Why I2M 

Dowload the presentation on the I2M Plan

Download the presentation on the I2M Actions


Enabling implementation decisions


“Talking about evaluation is great, but we need to begin performing evaluations in the field”


As decision-makers, it is crucial to have an overview of the impact dimensions of AAL solutions that are relevant to implementation decisions. Evidence-based decisions are of enormous importance. To help, this workshop discussed various examples of good practices, challenges, and lessons learned about impact measurements, including the measurement of costs.


How to enable AAL implementation decisions? The decision whether to implement an AAL solution should ideally be based on scientifically validated evidence and the proof of effectiveness of AAL technologies.


Two instruments were explored. They included:

EvAALuation², funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) in the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) programme called “Benefit”, aimed at developing AAL-specific instruments.


Monitoring and Assessment Framework for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing” (MAFEIP) supported by the European Commission. MAFEIP is a web-based tool. It estimates the health and economic outcomes of a large variety of ICT-enabled social and health innovations. It assists evidence-based decision-making processes for all institutions and users operating in the health and care sectors. It’s all about community, this is a network with over 200 members, 63 cases involving 27 countries, 20 of which are in the European Union. Are you interested in estimating the health & economic outcomes of ICT enabled social & health innovations? Join the MAFEIP community.


Download the presentation on MAFEIP


Reference Site Awards Ceremony


As a highlight of the closing session for the Conference of Partners 2019, an Award Ceremony was held to recognise Europe’s new 77 Reference Sites. Six regions were awarded special recognition for their excellence. Over seventy others came from all parts of Europe. Especially strongly represented were regions in the south of the European Union: Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the success of these regions who are key players in driving regional innovation in active and healthy ageing.


Three representatives from the successful Reference Sites were invited onto the stage to provide an insight into the work carried out in their regions. These speakers included dr. sc. Jelena Pavičić – Vukičević, Deputy Major of the City of Zagreb,  

Giulio Gallera Lombardy Minister of Health and Karsten Uno Petersen, Chairman of the Innovation Committee Member of the Regional Council in the Region of Southern Denmark.


Congratulations to all of the Reference Sites, we cannot wait to start working with you!



The jointly organised 2019 AAL Forum/EIP on AHA Conference of Partners came to a successful close. The future of active and healthy ageing in Europe looks bright!


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Relevance to partnership: 
Active ageing and independent living, Care and cure, Horizontal issues and framework conditions, Prevention, screening and early diagnosis