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Blockchain on Active and Healthy Ageing: a technological breakthrough


Recently, multiple initiatives based on Blockchain technology have shown their potential to substantially transform interaction, and especially trust, between users and service providers. These are technological solutions that, based on Blockchain, offer alternatives in the field of cybersecurity, banking, industry... moving progressively towards the health context as well. However, to date, attention to the potential of this technology in the ageing process and in the creation of age-friendly environments has not been addressed in depth.

Considering this reality and the important innovation that Blockchain can represent in this field, CTIC (as coordinators of C2 and D4 AG of the EIP on AHA) and Everis have coordinated an international working group within the framework of EIP on AHA focused on identifying Blockchain possibilities on driving future age-friendly environments and independent living solutions (AGs C2-D4 Collaborative work CW3 - AFE and independent living solutions based on blockchain technologies). Both entities have led a multidisciplinary work in which a total of 15 professionals from 10 institutions in 7 European countries have participated.

The outcome of this collaboration has been presented in Krakow on May 9th and 10th 2019, in a AG D4 face-to-face meeting led by Klaster LifeScience Krakow. An inspirational meeting whereby Blockchain was shown as a disruptive technology offering new possibilities and fostering potential collaboration along EIP on AHA partners aiming to promote Active and Healthy ageing along Europe.

Moreover, the meeting was an excellent opportunity to address the latest developments in the field of Active and Healthy Aging in technology and government in areas as diverse as the urban and rural environments in the different countries of the European Union.

Download here the web brochure and the print version of BLOCKCHAIN ON ACTIVE AND HEALTHY AGEING.

Blockchain Active and Healthy Ageing C2 D4 EiponAHA
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