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Access City Award 2021


Applications for the 11th Access City Award competition are now open. EU cities have until 9 September to apply. EU cities are invited to take part in the Access City Award 2021, the EU Prize for cities accessible to persons with disabilities and elderly people.

European cities over 50 000 inhabitants have the opportunity to present their designed actions and strategies to become barrier-free and better places for everyone to live and work.

The selection process will have two stages:

  • national juries will evaluate the applications at a national level;
  • an EU jury will then assess the shortlisted applications

Celebrating the 11th Access City Award

This new edition of the Access City Award will take into account the current global situation and a special mention “Accessibility of public services in times of pandemic” will be created to reward cities’ efforts.

For the second year in a row, a financial prize will reward the first, second and third place winners of the competition (please note that special mentions are not entitled to a financial prize).

Apply here

Deadline for applications: 9 September 2020

You can find the rules of contest, the guidance note and the documents to provide with your application at the bottom of this page


Access City Award 2021


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