What facilitates older people's learning on 50plus platforms and which kind of Web2.0 tools support them best?


The vision of the EU-project PEER-Dare to be wise! is to provide facilitation of peer learning supported by customized Web2.0 tools for adults aged 50plus.
To achieve this, the project examines ways of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information on 50plus social network platforms by identifying, testing and adapting a set of open source Web2.0 tools . Beyond the project s life-cycle, it is anticipated that the research and work carried out will be of particular interest to operators of 50plus social network platforms.
This report presents the summarised findings of a key deliverable, D3 Motivational factors for older people s learning on senior citizens platforms: a didactical concept . Desk research was conducted looking at the motivational elements of learning in later life, particularly around ICT and social network platforms. An outline of findings from two participatory workshops is then provided, with a particular focus on the exchange of knowledge between older learners. Finally, the report analyses the results of a survey among operators of 50plus social network platforms to identify the tools used currently and the tools that may be of potential benefit in the future.