Workshop: e-health solutions for home hospitalisation and patient empowerment

PICASO and POLYCARE invite you to a workshop on e-health solutions for home hospitalisation and patient empowerment. 

Are you a clinical worker, patient organisation, member of a self-help group or a developer of e-health solutions? Then join our workshop to exchange experiences and approaches for the provision of technology solutions that improve the cost effectiveness and sustainability of healthcare services.

The demand for remote provision of healthcare services has increased in recent years due to many factors, such as the rapid growth of the elderly population in the EU linked together with better quality-of-life standards. Cost-effectiveness of these services therefore becomes a top priority for European governments to improve the sustainability of the European healthcare systems. POLYCARE and PICASO are two running Horizon 2020 research projects, researching and developing different e-health solutions covering different aspects of integrated care.

Topics of the workshop will include:

  • Integrated care for patients with multi-morbidities;
  • Acceptance and implementation of remote monitoring solutions at the patient’s home;
  • Improvement of patient empowerment through ICT applications;
  • Distributed ICT systems in the e-health sector;
  • Development and deployment of security layers within cloud solutions that guarantee privacy and safety of the patient data, while enabling the coordination of services between different clinical and care providers.