Which priorities for a European policy on multimorbidity?

Multimorbidity, usually defined as the co-occurrence of two or more chronic conditions in one person, has become the norm rather than the exception in primary care patients and is set to become more prevalent as our populations age. Multimorbidity is therefore a growing concern in our society and a challenge facing patients, health professionals and health systems' sustainability.

Using interactive formats, this conference will provide a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers, policy-makers, professionals from the pharmaceutical and ICT industry, insurers and patient representatives to share experiences and existing knowledge on multimorbidity from regional models of care to research and decision-making tools. Building upon success stories and innovative practices, participants will learn about the evidence base to support a change of mind-set from disease-oriented management to patient-oriented care. Participants will also be invited to reflect on how to overcome the barriers to achieve a common framework to work on multimorbidity.

This will be a conference with a difference: you will not only be listening to inspiring stories and speakers but are invited to actively contribute, collaborate and network.

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