Webinar 30 June 2020 | Age-friendly housing in the context of the COVID-19 crisis

The measures aiming to contain the spread of COVID-19 could be resumed in the instruction “Stay At Home”. For many people living in poor housing conditions, this advice would not necessarily contribute to protect their health. For older persons who are at risk of severe outcomes if infected by the COVID-19, staying isolated at home could also result in worsen health status due to isolation, depression, or the absence of care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also proven that congregated settings, including residential and care homes for older adults, put residents and workers at higher risk of contamination due to living in close proximity. Such settings are all the more inadequate to protect the residents’ health that many of them are living with underlying comorbidities. The reported figures show that older people living in residential care homes in Europe have suffered like no other group from the impact of the epidemic: on average, half of the deaths related to COVID-19 took place in care homes.

The COVID-19 crisis harshly reminded us that the current care models need to change.  Our care policies and services must shift from crowded care residences to the provision of quality health and social care services in people’s homes and communities (see also this article in Spanish in the ‘El Independent’ journal). Such a shift would offer new opportunities to maintain social ties and a personal lifestyle that are core to our fulfilment and emotional wellbeing.

A preventive approach to health should also be reflected in our built environment. An age-friendly housing stock offers opportunities for all of us to be able to age in our communities while maintaining our intrinsic capacity and personal autonomy, as we engage in our later years.

In this one-hour webinar, the European project “Homes4Life” invites experts to discuss how an age-friendly approach to housing is more than ever needed to ensure people can age in healthy environments.

We are glad to announce that will be part of the conversation:

Webinar 30 June 2020 | Age-friendly housing in the context of the COVID-19 crisis