Staying safe in Long Term Care (LTC) institutions during COVID times

What are the current EU-28 COVID survival rates in nursing homes? 

Are European LTC systems ready for the next pandemics? This workshop will aim to share insights of the EU-28 research results performed by the SAFE Consortium, an initiative that was created from within the EIP on AHA C2 Action Group, and to build recommendations. 

Implementing EIP on AHA Action Group (C2-D4) born solutions based on results of performed SAFE research ‘The holistic view of reaction of European LTC system to COVID challenge” will help to save lives of Europeans living in LTC institutions.


Care homes for older people across much of Europe were struggling to cope with the global coronavirus pandemic from March till May 2020, and many still are, prompting allegations of inhumane treatment and calls for high-level inquiries. 

It is alarming that while 3.7M Europeans living in senior care facilities represent only 0.5% of the total European population, approx. 40% of all coronavirus related deaths in Europe took place there.

Members of the EIP on AHA C2 Action Group and some References Sites have funded the “Scale-up innovation Across senior care Facilities in Europe” Consortium (hereinafter the “SAFE” Consortium) with the aim to promote open-collaboration and modern solutions for the institutional domain to safeguard the lives of residents of nursing home/senior care facilities throughout Europe, while preserving their quality of life. 

From June till August 2020 the SAFE Consortium has performed a Europe-wide research pointing to the scope of tragedy of the pandemic. This research includes detailed figures and a summarized analysis about the impact of coronavirus on European Institutional care systems specifically. 

For every of 28 countries we’ve collected the information about: demographics & geography, wealth ware, LTC system general parameters, COVID impact including the COVID impact on LTC system, for instance: 

  • the amount of care homes hit by COVID-19
  • the quantity of deaths resulting from the virus in those respective care homes within the period of the first wave (1st of March 2020- 1st of June 2020)

As a result of the performed multi-dimensional (MDS) analysis,  all the 28 European countries have been divided into four main groups according to the close social- demographics characteristics and the similar patterns of reaction of their LTC systems to the pandemics of COVID. 

The Thematic Workshop will present these results. 

About the SAFE consortium

One of the main objectives of the SAFE consortium is also to identify solutions for residential care providers that protect ageing people, and to scale-up these solutions. Several successful solutions that helped the care providers to withstand the COVID impact have been identified. As an example,  the “Senior coding” application, a solution born out of the collaboration between Action Groups C2 and D4 of the EIPonAHA, has been successfully applied in Senior Riga, the EIP on AHA Reference Site in Baltics. “Senior coding” has helped Senior Riga to pass successfully through this pandemic phase without any COVID case. The planned workshop will contribute to scale-up “Senior coding” along to other European countries, starting from Eastern and Central Europe. 

Event document: 
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