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A new approach to active and healthy ageing standards engaging end users

Join us on January 31st, 2019 in the premises of the European Standardisation Bodies (CEN-CENELEC Meeting Center, Brussels, Belgium) for the meeting that will map the way forward after the end of the PROGRESSIVE project. Building on the project legacy, the meeting will aim at discussing how to further promote the change of mindsets in standardization leading to the effective and sustainable inclusion of end-users (focusing on older people) in the future. 
The meeting will elaborate on preliminary discussions that took place in late October 2018 in Berlin, Germany when the STAIR-AHA (STAndards, Innovation and Research Platform on Active and Healthy Ageing) was established. This STAIR-AHA gathers a diversity of stakeholders from national standardization bodies, commercial organisations active in the Silver Economy to researchers and older persons’ representatives. The first meeting of the STAIR led to the mapping by attendees of ways to improve end-users involvement and create sustainable ties with older people’s representatives.
This new meeting will primarily focus on:
  • Age-friendly communities as enablers of active and healthy ageing, incl. a look at the World Health Organisation Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities and the PROGRESSIVE Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA and Age-friendly Communities.
  • Age-friendly smart homes, focusing on technology as a tool for independent living, the PROGRESSIVE Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA for Smart Homes that are Age-friendly, and a new European certification scheme for ageing-in-place.
  • Inclusiveness in standardisation, with accessibility and usability as a use case, looking at the new European Accessibility Act which is improving the accessibility of products and services in the single market, and an assessment of the “Design for All Protocol” in European standardisation projects.
  • Actions to promote user co-production in standardisation and presentation of an official PROGRESSIVE and STAIR-AHA statement and policy guideline for a new approach to AHA standards engaging end users.
AGE Platform Europe will be present as a partner of the PROGRESSIVE project and to contribute with a presentation on "Age-friendly smart homes: technology as a tool for independent life".
Or contact info@progressivestandards.org for more information and participation in this final PROGRESSIVE event and 2nd CEN-CENELEC STAIR-AHA meeting
Related action groups: 
C2 Independent living solutions, D4 Age friendly environments
Relevance to partnership: 
Active ageing and independent living, Care and cure, Horizontal issues and framework conditions, Prevention, screening and early diagnosis