The Madrid ADVANTAGE JA Forum

Next 13th of December the ADVANTAGE JA forum will take place in Madrid. 

The Forum is an important opportunity to discuss:

· the FPA (Frailty Prevention Approach) document with Member States health representatives and stakeholders in order to collect feedback and support for a future successful implementation in their local political, social, professional and citizens context.

· How policy makers, organisations, managers and professionals can use the ADVANTAGE JA recommendations to address frailty prevention in the EU.

· The role of the different stakeholders to support the implementation of the ADVANTAGE JA recommendations.

· How ADVANTAGE JA needs to take into account the political, social, professional and citizen context to succeed in the endeavour.

Registration will be open until 26th of November.

Event document: 
PDF icon draft_detailed_agenda_forum_madrid_13_december_2018.docx_.pdf