"Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management". 18-19 June, Trento

Mattone Internazionale Salute Programme – ProMIS organises on June 18th and 19th 2018 a workshop in Trento entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management". The event will be a moment of comparison about the issue of the use of artificial intelligence in the context of the management of chronic diseases through the presentation of strategies and policies both at European and national level.

The event was conceived as a result of a work carried out by the ProMIS sub-group that deals with "encouraging autonomy in patient care and aiming for assistance as close as possible to the patient's domicile by safeguarding the safety and relationship Cost-effectiveness", and it is composed by 5 Regions as Piedmont, Umbria, Basilicata and Puglia and the Autonomous Province of Trento as promoter of the initiative.

Representatives of the European institutions, the Ministry of Health, national and international agencies will attend the event.

The afternoon session of the first day will be addressed to the presentation of European/national policies and strategies and to the presentation of good practices and experiences at European level.

The second day will be dedicated to specific interventions that will try to clarify and identify which are the main issues (economic, security, empowerment of patients, privacy etc.) to discuss in relation to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

Participation at the event is free. It is possible to register until 12.06.2018 following the registration link.

For any further information please contact the ProMIS staff:

Email: promisalute@regione.veneto.it

Phone: + 39-345 6598389/+ 39-335 6504832