AIoTai- Advanced IoT and AI for secure, efficient and sustainable personalized health data access at regional and EU level

The workshop covers topics that are highly important in healthcare due to the digitization of health data and the necessity for secure and efficient data access at regional and EU level. 

This one-day workshop will highlight strategic activities and examine key actions in order to identify enablers and success criteria in personalized health data access for ageing population.  

Digital technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud hold a huge potential for increased patient safety and efficiency into healthcare system(s). Digital health solutions have been proven significantly powerful for the empowerment of older adults’ well–being, health and management of chronic diseases. Telemedicine and tele-monitoring services that target older adults’ diagnosis and treatment have a central role in the management of their own diseases. However, healthcare ICT infrastructures, despite their criticality for hospitals and the optimal functionality of care systems, bring also challenges for the privacy of sensitive health data due to their high connectivity.

Topics addressed by the AIoTai Workshop:

  • IoT and EHR heterogeneous data sources integration in the GATEKEEPER data space
  • Heterogeneous healthcare data integration, fusing & security and privacy aspects in the integration of various healthcare data
  • PETs and toolkits for assessment and reduction of potential risks in digitized healthcare data access
  • Enablers and success criteria for secure and sustainable IoT infrastructures

Event document: 
PDF icon 20201117_thematic_workshop_agenda_certh.pdf