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Olderpreneurs - older people and enterprise

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Our commitment links into innovative employment policies and the silver economy within this action group. We are building on this by looking specifically at older people engaging in enterprising activity through small business set up, self employment and micro enterprise as well as wider participation of older people within the labour market. Older people will need to remain in work for longer and there are many benefits from this in terms of income, reduced dependence on benefits, additional skills and experience within the economy and also health and well being benefits too. There is evidence that older people are more motivated and can interact with key customer demographics and also that mixed teams of older and younger people work more effectively with less supervision. Older people set up businesses for a variety of reasons and gain both economic and financial benefits as well as health and well being benefits. It is important that these benefits are identified and captured. We wish to build up our activities through elaborating a typology of older peoples enterprises (for example in the tourism and leisure sector), identifying the major barriers (tax, legal, financial, market knowledge, IT), elaborating models for older people's businesses and developing a peer support network. We wish to work on an EU wide basis, commencing with partners via Eurada and in Spain, UK and Poland. We wish to focus on the topic of older people and enterprise creation and entrepreneurship. We will this interacts with the objectives as indicated below and adds a new dimension and adds value. Policies and legislation needs to take account of the needs of older people wishing to start business activity including on a small scale basis. We need business partners, including development agencies, business organisations and others to support and elaborate initiatives which reflect the specific needs of older people in business. We also need a specific focus on older people and employment and, business set up and IT which both facilitates economic activity and helps to promote active ageing.
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Eurada (european association of development agencies; Brussels / EU wide) Junta De ExtreMadura Fundesalud (spain) and Regional Development Agency of Bielsko Biala (Poland) , Instituto Aragon├ęs de Fomento (spain), Bristol Ageing Better Partnership (UK) and Tesco Central Europe
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Civil Euro Perspective
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David Jepson
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Last update: 09/01/2018

Current Status

We have started initial awareness raising, partner identification and dissemination. This has included papers, presentations and meetings including Eurada, Brussels July 2014 and February 2016, Network of Demographic Regions (Feb 2016), Bielsko Biala, Poland (may 2016), participation in UK network hosted by Institute of Directors, on going, presentation to Bristol Older People's Forum, June 2014. Stakeholders have included RDAs in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Finland, UK local government association, UK Business in the Community European Association of Development Agencies and other bodies. Member of the Bristol Ageing Better Partnership Awareness measures: Ten drop in sessions funded by Bristol Ageing Better now completed October 2016 - June 2017. Total of 70 participants. Business examples examined included art and craft businesses, language training, beer brewing and consultancy as well as running community / social enterprise Workshop held in Bielastok Biela (Poland) on impact of longevity on economic development held (60 participants) June 2016 Workshop for EURADA, Brussels, June 2016 Case study template prepared, July 2016 Presentation at EURADA annual conference in Bologna, November 2016 Discussion with social investment bodies about focus on older peoples businesses. Inclusion of Tesco Central Europe within commitment and briefing paper produced. Training package aimed at older people and re engaging in economic activity in preparation for application in preparation. It has four strands: health and well being, being business ready, life skills and community context.


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
awareness raising, mapping, networking 15/04/2017 Achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences PDF icon Mapping Paper, File Power Point , PDF icon Background paper
Barriers identified and peer support network set up 15/09/2017 Not achieved Products: Common projects, networks, alliances, partnerships
Participants in workshops and drop in sessions 22/06/2017 Achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences File drop_in_sessions_at_the_old_library.docx
Drop in sessions completed 19/07/2017 Achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences


Indicator Target indicator Current status
Number of businesses set up by older people 200 pilot businesses across the key areas and more widely Only in preparation stage
Increased level of awareness of business development 500 people 100
Increased percentage of older people active within the labour market under way Under way
Employers with flexible approach to employment of older people % of employers with flexible HRD policies On going
Preparation of training package and delivery of training sessions Training package developed, four training sessions delivered On going