At home despite the age

At home despite the age

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Activity details

The project is a response to the challenges following the rapid ageing of a Polish population. The objective is to create a showroom apartment to present a complete set of solutions how to enable the elderly an active and independent life in their own dwellings. While similar projects have been successfully implemented abroad (i.e. in Germany) this is the first such project in Poland. For two years the apartment will be publicly accessible, as a showroom for senior oriented products and services and a venue for education and knowledge exchange for private individuals, companies and NGOs. It will be also a living lab, where products and services can be tested and the feedback can be given to the provider. The apartment is located in an easily accessible location of Warsaw, in a district where the number of elderly persons is already very high. Several leading providers of products and services designed for elderly persons on the Polish market have decided already to take part in this project. The initiative has received also an affirmative opinion from local authorities and NGO’s- among others: the Mayor of Bielany District, the Polish Institute of Silver Economy. Nevertheless it is a a purely bottom up initiative, where no state money were involved so far.
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Agnieszka Ciesla
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Last update: 09/01/2018

Current Status

The opening of the Apartment took place on 26th September and it was accompanied by a press conference


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
informing visitors about age friendly design and possible improvements of their own housing environment 31/05/2018 Not achieved Products: Advocacy, awareness raising, participatory, engagement mechanisms
hosting events aimed at raising awareness about products and services supporting active ageing/ ageing in place 01/06/2018 Not achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences
cooperate with local craftsmen and building services provider with team mebers over 50+ 01/06/2018 Not achieved
cooperation with research institutions on analysing the needs and preferences of elderly persons regarding housing issues 01/06/2018 Not achieved Research: Reports (reports, articles, findings)


Indicator Target indicator Current status
number of vistors 1000 250
number of events 10 2
number of involved comapanies 30 15
number of reports 1 0
number of articles in newspapers 10 5
number of TV and radio programs about the initiative 10 4