EU Campaign Toward an Age-Friendly EU

EU Campaign Toward an Age-Friendly EU

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Back in 2012 AGE Platform Europe members agreed to launch an EU wide campaign “Toward an age-friendly EU” which sought to build political support for the emergence of the European Silver Economy and mobilize a large number of relevant actors to commit to the development of age-friendly environments and policies across the EU. They agreed that AGE should coordinate the AFE-INNOVNET thematic Network and together we built political support at EU, national, regional and local levels for a new EU Covenant on Demographic Change which role will be to connect the growing community of stakeholders interested to identify and scale up innovative solutions supporting active and healthy ageing. In November 2015 our General Assembly agreed that AGE Platform should support the new Covenant by leading its secretariat general. Thanks to AGE awareness and advocacy action in the last 2 years, the new European Covenant on Demographic Change gathered strong support among EU institutions (European Parliament Intergroup on Ageing and Solidarity between Générations, Commission, Committee of the Regions) and local and regional authorities as well as research centres, universities and civil society organisations. With this renewed commitment AGE and its large network of members seek – through coordinated awareness and advocacy actions - to support the D4 AG overall objective for the period 2016-2018, i.e. “to contribute to create a more inclusive society, communities and R&D systems across Europe by empowering older people to actively participate in the creation of age-friendly environments through scaled up inclusive solutions.”
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AGE 140 member organisations which represent more than 40 million senior people in the EU. The full list is available on the EU Transparency Register at:
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AGE Platform Europe
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Anne-Sophie Parent
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Last update: 09/01/2018

Current Status

To help us achieve our commitment, AGE will run the Covenant on Demographic Change Secretariat and will seek to find more secure funding for the new Covenant on demographic Change exploring various avenues. AGE will also support greater participation of senior citizens in the promotion of age-friendly environments through our task force on Age-Friendly environments, our TF of Accessibility, ICT and transport and our TF on healthy ageing. As part of our commitment and to support our campaign on age-friendly environments, AGE will publish at 5 least articles on the EU movement on age-friendly environments in relevant magazines/media. AGE will also organize an event around age-friendly environments during the Committee of the Regions Open days 2016. Finally AGE commits to continue to coordinate the EIP-AHA D4 and to build contacts with relevant EU, national and local actors.


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
AGE Task Force on Age-Friendly Environments 04/01/2016 Achieved Products: Advocacy, awareness raising, participatory, engagement mechanisms File age_mobilisation_for_afe_2016.docx
Published articles on age-friendly environments writen by AGE 31/12/2016 Achieved Products: Advocacy, awareness raising, participatory, engagement mechanisms PDF icon article_dg-recherche_summer2016.pdf, PDF icon atj2016_asparent_proof.pdf, PDF icon vub_wadoux.pdf
AGE EU event on age-friendly environments 14/10/2016 Achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences PDF icon draft_agenda_opendays2016_smartagefriendlycities_final.pdf


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Number of published articles on AFE writen by AGE 5 2