Create supportive environments and strengthen communities

Create supportive environments and strengthen communities

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To promote active and healthy habits by increased participation of older people in leisure activities linked to age-friendly tourism To promote age friendly tourism To connect with the Smart Cities initiative (CIVITAS DYNAMO EU PROJECT) Patients and citizens (Empowering older people to participate actively in the creation of age-friendly environments.) Learning and sharing of good practices to build partnerships at local level
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Observatory on Elderly People (Consell Insular de Mallorca), Balearic Health Service (Ib-salut), European Initiative project CIVITAS DYN@MO,
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General Directorate of Public Health
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Elena Cabeza
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Last update: 04/09/2019

Current Status

A total of 50 healthy routes has been dessigned and implemented around the Primary Health Care Centers in the Balearic Island (each route of 3 km to accomplish with the recommendations of WHO, 30 minutes/day). Since 2017 and, in collaboration with the Municipal Sports Institut (Palma) a Healthy Nordic Walking project has been launched to promote this activity between the patients. As a future projects, it is planned to offer these healthy routes to be used by the tourism sector (hotels mainly) as a caring service in their package holidays. It will be also offered to travel agencies and integrated in travel programs specially addressed for the elderly (in Spain it’s called IMSERSO) to promote active habits of older people in leisure activities (age-friendly tourism). Within the development of a regional strategy for community health engagement in our region, we have also launched the "mapping of health assets" in collaboration with several municipalities and the Observatory on Elderly people, to work at the local level with a community engagement and participatory approach, building alliances between different institutions at the state-regional level and trying to create a framework for action with the generation of evaluations and evidence to work on population interventions from the perspective of positive health.


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
Health routes project web ( Achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences
The Nordic Walking Project Achieved Products: Policy programmes/strategies/action plans PDF icon The Nordic Walking Project


Indicator Target indicator Current status
Number of routes created/Number of primary health care centers in the Balearic Island 90% 50/57