Age-friendly ICTs for promoting AHA and social inclusion

Age-friendly ICTs for promoting AHA and social inclusion

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One of the main fields of Polibienestar’s research is addressed to improve the QoL of dependent people using ICT devices. Polibienestar analyses the usability, points of view, needs and requirements of end-users related to ICT solutions that contribute to improve the health, active ageing, and independent living of elderly people on the basis of universal design. Polibienestar promotes digital social platforms to citizens’ participation as a way to respond social challenges. In the European project CAP4Access (Collective Awareness Platforms for Improving Accessibility on European Cities Regions, funded by the 7th FP) Polibienestar is encouraging citizens, among them elderly people, to test methods and tools for collectively gathering and sharing spatial information for improving accessibility. Polibienestar leads the Policy Recommendations WP with regard to the use of collective approaches to digital social innovation for better addressing the mobility requirements of target groups. Preliminary Policy Recommendations had been discussed with different stakeholders and will be available at the end of 2016. Moreover, in the AFE-INNOVNET project, Polibienestar together with AGE Platform developed guidelines for the coproduction with older people where the use of ICTs was encouraged. Polibienestar promotes LLL involving ICT devices and e-learning platforms to arrive more participants, widespread knowledge and contribute to reduce the digital gap while promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship, mainly in older people.
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Polibienestar Research Institute – University of Valencia
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Mireia Ferri, Jorge Garcés
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Last update: 09/01/2018

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GUIDELINES FOR COPRODUCING AGE-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENTS WITH OLDER PEOPLE 15/04/2016 Achieved Research: Reports (reports, articles, findings) PDF icon afe-innovnet_d4.3_printed-version.pdf


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