Lifestyle to improve frailty, mood, cognitive decline and quality of life in women surviving cancer or with diabetes

Lifestyle to improve frailty, mood, cognitive decline and quality of life in women surviving cancer or with diabetes

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Survival of cancer and diabetes define two morbidities with growing prevalence and marked specificities. Gender profile affects specific areas, like breast cancer, which leaves women in a deteriorated health state and increased vulnerability. We aim at implementing healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and physical activity, to reduce the burden of frailty and of chronic diseases with strong gender profile, mainly musculoskeletal (osteoporosis) and cognitive decline, in women surviving cancer or suffering diabetes. Improvement of mood and quality of life are additional objectives. To reinforce scalability, the commitment in embedded into the CARMEN program, which provides integrated care at primary care level of the public health system. Nurses, who share with social workers first assessment and monitoring, initiate enrolment in the programme. Referral to primary care doctors or the third level specialist (gynaecologist) is done when required. Empowerment is strengthened by the use of an ICT-based program (mobile-based) and by the involvement of patients associations. Adherence in the long term and sustainability are promoted in that way. Collaborative work with other EIPAHA partners materialises in sharing of screening and monitoring tools. Further, the commitment is inserted within the Valencia reference site. Clinical and analytical data are kept in a database while serum and ADN samples are stored in bio-bank. A parallel basic and clinical research program is attached to the initiative.
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Asociación Salus Vitae,
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University of Valencia
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Antonio Cano
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Last update: 09/01/2018

Current Status

The programme has been settled thanks to a series of achievements from CARMEN, an established good practice in Valencia. This includes: 1.A circuit that keeps integrating the enrolled women. 2.A protocol assessing the impact of lifestyle on the objectives of the commitment, 3. Scalability test of the protocol, which is being assayed within the network of the public health system as a proof of extension at national and European level. 4. Design of the physical activity programme for women, including the release of a video. 5. Promotion of adherence to the program by ICT, including a web and a social media network (facebook) ( 6. Promotion of health literacy by a series of talks of health aspects ( 7. A database of clinical and laboratory data of the participants.


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
Video designed for physical activity ( 13/04/2016 Achieved Products: Educational, prevention, intervention programs
Circuit of integrated care between primary are and third level hospital 13/04/2016 Achieved Products: Educational, prevention, intervention programs
Umbrella review on frailty assessment tools: Apostolo J, Cooke R, Bobrowicz-Campos E, Santana S, Marcucci M, Cano A, Vollenbroek M, Holland C. JBI Database System Rev Implement Rep. 2016 Jan 15;13(12):14-24. 13/04/2016 Achieved Research: Data (assessments/screenings/reviews/ data collections)
A Facebook network to strengthen engagement (ón-621142254597173/) 13/04/2016 Achieved Dissemination: Platforms/websites/social networks.


Indicator Target indicator Current status
Number of women (diabetic or survivors of cancer) that have entered the protocol 600 40
Frequentation of health services Reduction by 25% Under evaluation
Adherence to the physical activity program 70% after first year Ongoing (not evaluated yet)
Percentage of users of the ICT-based tool 70% after first year Ongoing (not assessed yet)