INCASO - Improving INtegrated people-centred healthCAre SOlutions (EU HPP Thematic Network)

INCASO - Improving INtegrated people-centred healthCAre SOlutions (EU HPP Thematic Network)

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The specific objectives of the Joint Statement will be the followings. First of all, promoting the exchange of regional good practices that can impact at national/European level, focusing on the implementation of change management for the scale-up of innovative, integrated services, in order to develop and enhance the quality of the integrated person-centred assistance in a context as close to patients’ home environment as possible. This will be carried out through a map of European projects and existing good practices related to the topic, disseminate results through ProMIS communication channels (web channels, newsletter, thematic events etc.), foster collaborative approaches to the scale up of innovative good practices. Secondly, INCASO aims at locating a single keyword to process shared tools to work within organisational innovation. The proposed actions will be: collection and analysis of regional priorities, expected results and investments, but also sharing of the materials collected with the actors involved and sharing it broadly with all Regions Thirdly, INCASO aspires to collaborating with existing European networks/partnerships (for instance, EIP-AHA, RSCN) for the sharing of strategies, policies and interventions on the implementation of integrated care by the Italian regions and other Member States. The activities identified will be: position paper elaboration; proposals for recommendations to be submitted at European level that are shared between national and regional levels; survey processing and data analysis.
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RSCN, Italian Ministry of Health, Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces
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ProMIS - Mattone Internazionale Salute Programme
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Lisa Leonardini
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Last update: 18/12/2019

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