The importance of physical activity and social engagement for healthy ageing

The importance of physical activity and social engagement for healthy ageing

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The number of elderly people grows considerably, representing, by 2050, 17% of the world population. Helping older people is a moral obligation and big interest of public health. Aging leads to an increased risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and sarcopenia, causing frequent falls and frailty. The aging process is inevitable, but not a condemnation! In fact, in recent years, science has proved that is our lifestyle to decide how to age. The best antiageing identified by research is physical activity. Exercising slows down the osteporotic process, increases and strengthens muscle tone, reduces the risk of falls, slows down and prevents the manifestation of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. Unfortunately, older adults are not happy to join physical activity programs, most of times. The research commitment is to consider new ways to adapt physical activity to older adults'needs so to involve them in exercise and social activities to reduce frailty and loneliness.
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University of the West of Scotland
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danilo contiero
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Last update: 18/12/2019

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