Educational and change solutions for active and healthy ageing

Educational and change solutions for active and healthy ageing

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VISION: Accelerating the translation of clinical science to quality patient care MISSION: Partner with the global healthcare community to improve patient outcomes through support of measurable learning and change strategies. GOAL: Improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of healthcare through facilitation and support of projects that increase the competence and performance of individual providers and healthcare teams, educate and empower their patients and implement practical solutions within systems-of-care. By gathering together main stakeholders, the commitment focus to address main challenges and gaps of current standard of care also through the application of a grant framework to enable third part organisation to propose innovative projects.
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University of Brescia - Italy, Aragon Health Science Institute (IACS) Zaragoza - Spain, University of Exeter - UK, University of Porto - Portugal, Gerontological society of America, International Longevity Centre, Heidelberg University - Germany, Karolinska Institute - Sweden, International Council of Nurses - uK
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Last update: 22/03/2019

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Gaps and challenges of healthy ageing and disease prevention 01/11/2018 Not achieved Research: Reports (reports, articles, findings)


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White paper/report 1 ongoing