Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society

The European “Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society ” reflects the common policy vision of European policy makers, civil society, professional organisations and industry on how innovation can transform health and care provision in our ageing society. As a shared policy vision, the Blueprint guides the efforts of the EIP on AHA Action Groups and Reference Sites. The Blueprint is essential to mobilise investments and guarantee the commitment of all actors including industrial players, regional authorities, professional and civil society organisations and multi-stakeholder platforms.

The Blueprint is to be seen as an evolution. Engaged stakeholders called “Blueprint Partners” contribute to advancing the Blueprint vision. They inform the European Commission about latest care developments, evidence, stakeholders’ needs, and collaboration opportunities in key health and care topic areas which benefit from digital transformation.

Overall activities

Further progress on the blueprint will be ensured through these three long-term activities: 

  • Capturing the EIP on AHA stakeholders' capacity for engagement and mobilising them to work towards achieving this common policy vision. 
  • Supporting the EIP on AHA stakeholders in identifying key enabling technologies and use case scenarios for active and healthy ageing for inclusion in the Blueprint. 
  • Updating the Blueprint, based on the latest developments in AHA, stakeholder feedback, and the current supply and demand landscape. 

Progress so far

Firstly, the blueprint partners created a set of 12 Blueprint personas. These aimed at identifying the health and care needs of the population. The persona profiles included aspects of a persona's daily life, such as family life, interests and hobbies, and medications taken. 

The Blueprint personas have proved highly effective and a number of organisations have reused them to: 

  • improve care pathways
  • visualise end users
  • identify needs
  • help to analyse processes, data, roles and financial flows
  • train and educate healthcare professionals and other health and care actors

To enable further organisations to reap the benefits of the personas, a Guide to selecting and using a Blueprint persona has been developed. 

For more details, click on the persona face to download the corresponding persona poster (pdf). Italian translations of the personas, created in the autonomous province of Trento as part of the ProMIS network, are also available.

Note: If you would like to use the Blueprint personas, please be sure to use the following reference: "The personas originate from the Blueprint stream of work led by empirica GmbH as part of the WE4AHA project coordinated by Funka NU AB. The project received funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme."

Needs/Life course Children/Young adult Working age adults Retired persons below 80 Persons aged 80+
Generally well/good wellbeing Rose, 10 Leila, 51 Randolph, 65 Teresa, 83
Chronic condition and/or social needs Millie, 18 Nikos, 50 Eleni, 73 Maria, 84
Complex needs Ben, 9 Antonio, 33 Procolo, 79 Jacqueline, 87

Secondly, in 2019, the Blueprint has focused on developing several Blueprint scenarios. The Blueprint scenarios depict an acute or chronic event or episode experienced by one or more of the personas.

The Blueprint scenarios have been used to develop diagrams that show the relationship and interactions between a citizen e.g., Nikos, the healthcare providers, and other relevant actors such as researchers. An example diagram below shows what kinds of data flow between the various actors and what platforms and tools they use to support and empower Nikos in managing his health and lifestyle.

Eleven Blueprint scenarios have been developed.

A visual image showing an example of one of the Blueprint scenarios that has been developed.

Thirdly, during the past 12 months, the Blueprint partners have been developing guides which provide an introduction to the digital health implementation landscape. The guides will serve as a "starter kit", providing advice on tackling the challenges of digital health innovation implementation. The first three guides, dating from summer 2019, included one for carers, one on interoperability and one on implementing integrated care. Today, the Blueprint guides are beginning to cover a wide range of topics. 

The Blueprint partners have also been gathering information from Reference Sites and Action Groups of the EIP on AHA, and other experts. As a result, during spring and summer 2020, the Blueprint partners have been refining the Blueprint personas, scenarios and guides.

Finally, the Blueprint draft report on "Key enabling technologies/digital solutions and user scenarios supporting AHA" was issued in January 2020.  

Getting most out of using personas workshop was organised in December 2020 with digital innovators to explore how to use personas.


What is next?

The personas have already been widely used by other organisations and projects. The Blueprint team is now gathering testimonials on their experiences. 

The Blueprint partners are developing ten guides on the following topics: 

 - Smart homes

 - Carers

 - Change management

 - Implementing integrated care

 - Interoperability


 - Medical devices regulation & App certification

 - Nutrition

 - Privacy

 - Value-based procurement

The information will be assembled and issued in a set of information packages that can be easily accessed and used by SMEs, citizens and health care professionals. 

The Blueprint team also plans to organise a series of webinars to inform and instruct organisations, like Reference Sites and SMEs, wishing to learn from our experiences. 

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If you would like to share you experience of applying personas, please fill in the short survey that the Blueprint team prepared.