Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society The European “Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society” reflects the common policy vision of European policy makers, civil society, professional organisations and industry. As a shared policy vision, the Blueprint guides the efforts of the EIP on AHA Action Groups and Reference Sites. The Blueprint is essential to mobilise investments and guarantee the commitment of all actors including industrial players, regional authorities, professional and civil society organisations and multi-stakeholder platforms.

Overall activities

The further advancement of the Blueprint will be ensured through the following long-term activities:

  • Capturing the EIP on AHA stakeholders’ capacity for engagement and mobilising them to work towards achieving this common policy vision.
  • Supporting the EIP on AHA stakeholders in identifying key ICT enabling technologies and use case scenarios for active and healthy ageing for inclusion in the Blueprint.
  • Updating the Blueprint, based on the latest developments in AHA, stakeholder feedback, and the current supply and demand landscape


Progress so far

In order to further mobilise the EIP on AHA stakeholders and capture their capacity for engagement, a “Call for engagement to the Blueprint” was launched at the end of 2017. The selected stakeholders called “Blueprint Partners” support the further development of the Blueprint by providing expert advice and access to best practices.

The Blueprint is to be seen as a living document. The Blueprint Partners contribute to advancing the Blueprint vision by informing the European Commission about latest care developments, evidence, stakeholders’ needs, and collaboration opportunities along key health and care topic areas which benefit from digital transformation. The Blueprint Partners have been working on a number of 2018 priorities.

Four topic areas represent digital health and care priorities identified jointly by European actors who work on both supply and demand. 



Blueprint - priority topic areas



Each priority topic area is structured in a similar way. They provide a detailed picture about the situation in Europe with regard to: 

  • needs addressed, 
  • key ICT-enabling technologies, 
  • barriers and challenges to scaling up, 
  • potential solutions available or in development that address these challenges.
  • recommendations and actions needed at different levels (e.g., European Commission, Member States, EU regions).

All these will help to promote innovation and achieve a triple win for Europe – improve the quality of life of EU citizens, make health and care systems sustainable, and achieve economic growth.

The four priority topic areas were introduced and discussed during the EIP on AHA Conference of Partners 2018. So too were concrete examples, solutions for scaling up, and recommendations.

Link to presentation during the CoP:


What is next?

As a next step, the work on the Blueprint is taking into consideration the whole health and care delivery value chain. It is developing a framework that considers the health and care needs of a person over their life course (both person-centred and population-based dimensions). It is identifying corresponding ICT solutions that target these needs. 

The first Blueprint update was released in October 2018. Interested stakeholders can watch a recording of a webinar from November 2018 which presents the main features of the Blueprint evolution.