Action Groups

Action Groups

An Action Group is a community of partners who are committed to work on specific issues related to active and healthy ageing. They do this by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their peers, increasing the added-value of their national and local experience, and identifying gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level.​


Stakeholders wishing to get involved in one of the six Action Groups set up so far have been selected through an "Invitation for Commitment" application process. 

The initial Invitation for Commitment was launched upon the adoption of the Commission Communication on the EIP Strategic Implementation Plan (29th February 2012). On that occasion, more than 250 projects were submitted by groups of stakeholders spanning the public and private sectors. The second Invitation for Commitment was held in 2013 and involved 310 new projects or commitments. The third Invitation for Commitment closed on 15th April 2016. It gathered more than 800 new commitments. The next Invitation will be launched by 2019. Although regular Invitations are sent out, both EIP on AHA current and future members can submit their commitments at any time through the Commitment Tracker Tool.

If you are a leader in innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, join EIP on AHA and help us transform the future of our ageing society. If you are interested in becoming a partner in the EIP on AHA, please complete the online form and submit your commitment. See also the FAQ page. Submit your commitment today!

The main achievements of the Action Groups to date were published in December 2015.