Action Group D4
Innovation for age friendly buildings, cities and environments

Key documents

EIP-AHA Privacy Preferences for Active and Healthy Ageing (V1 AugustĀ 2018)

Joint progress report Innovation and Cooperation Plan Action Group D4, September 2017

Age-friendly tourism, publication by Action Group members D4

Innovation and Coordination Plan D4 2016-2018 (version November 2016)

Renovated Action Plan D4 2016-2018

State of Play. AG D4 State of Play. 2015.

Infographic. EIP on AHA Infographic - Age friendly environments . 2015

Achievements. Achievements of the Action Groups. 2014

Action Plan. D4 Action Plan (updated version 2014). 2014

Good practices. A compilation of Good Gractices - Age friendly environments. 2013

For further information on Action Group activities, please contact we4aha@funka.com.