Action Group C2
Development of interoperable independent living solutions

Key documents

White Paper: on “Caregivers’ role in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) development and exploitation for Age-Friendly Environments (AFE)”

Action Plan Action Group C2 v2.0 20170118.

Leaflet of the Action Group C2 (Version EIPonAHA Summit 2016).

Renovated Action Plan C2 2016-2018.

State of Play. AG C2 State of Play. 2015.

Infographic. EIP on AHA Infographic - ICT solutions for independent living. 2015

Recommendation. Interoperability process recommendation for EIP-AHA and for standardization. 2015




CW2 collaborative work C2-D4 on Personalizing eHealth services on the basis of individual motivation

CW1 collaborative work C2-D4 on EIP-AHA Privacy Preferences for Active and Healthy Ageing (V1 August 2018)

Personal User Experience (PUX) Recommendations and Lessons Learned (February 2018)

Report on Personal User Experience (PUX) showcases (First round; Nov. 2016) 

Showcases of Personal User Experience (PUX) - Objective C2.3 - Results of first round competition (Nov. 2016)

Achievements of the Action Groups. 2014. 

Good practices. Action Group C2 - A compilation of Good Practices. 2014

Action Plan. Action Plan on Development of interoperable independent living solution, including guidelines for business models. 2012

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