a3 Achievements

The A3 Action Group considers ageing as an opportunity rather than a burden. The group aims to implement multidimensional approaches to prevent frailty and age-related diseases during the entire life-course, by accelerating the deployment of major innovations. The A3 Action Group is made up of five different, interconnected Action Areas that focus on different dimensions of frailty:

  • Food and nutrition;
  • Physical activity;
  • Frailty and functional decline;
  • Cognitive function;
  • Caregivers.

The management of frailty poses many challenges linked to the complexity of the domains that contribute to it and to the variability of their association. The A3 Action Group represents multidisciplinary clusters of expertise on frailty whose members share their diverse backgrounds and experience to identify common work to benefit older adults. Since 2016, A3 Partners have been working together to implement many activities, such as: the bio-psycho-social approach to frailty; a common understanding and shared vision between European health systems for the prevention and management of frailty in older adults; the implementation and scale-up of risk-stratification tools based on big data; the identification of gaps in education and life-long-learning to implement innovative approaches to AHA and the implementation of dedicated PhD programmes; and managing cognitive decline through defining, testing and sustainable management of Parkinson’s disease.

A summary of the results achieved by the Action Group during this period is available for download.

For any questions related to these achievements, please contact we4aha@funka.com.

A3 partners are involved in providing training to more than 6,300 informal caregivers.
A3 partners have been carrying out more than 9,000 interventions throughout the EU.
A3 partners have been establishing training courses that involve more than 520 older adults.
A3 partners have generated 9 new functional foods, and identified 30 nutritional markers.
166 European organisations are involved in 199 commitments targeting frailty across 6 different Action Areas: Frailty in general Functional decline Nutrition Cognitive decline Physical activity Caregivers.
A3 partners have been carrying out more than 28,700 screenings/assessments throughout the EU.
A3 partners are following more than 2,900 older adults affected by chronic diseases.
The group participated in: 1 Interreg project 1 COST Action on a comprehensive approach to Frailty 1 Joint Action on Frailty.
A3 partners have been involved in the provision of more than 15,274 home care services to pre- and frail adults.