B3 Integrated care

B3 Integrated care


The Action Group on integrated care is a unique collaborative network of partners representing around 260 multi-stakeholder commitments from national and regional administrations, local authorities, research centres, academia, industry (including SMEs) and advocacy organisations from across the EU.

The partners aim to reduce the avoidable/unnecessary hospitalisation of older people with chronic conditions. They work towards integrated care services that are more closely oriented to the needs of patients /users, and are multidisciplinary, well-co-ordinated, accessible, and anchored in community and home care settings. Such models improve coordination between the different levels of health services and align them with social care throughout the entire health promotion and care chain. They harmonise and coordinate the management, organisation and delivery of services to make sure they provide quality and efficient solutions that respond to the needs of the patients.



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Commitment | Glintt - Carcavelos | Wednesday, 8 August, 2018 - 11:28

Fulfill the requirements of virtually all hospital services, from patient admission to prescription, recording of consultations and medicinal products, invoicing and contacts between patients and the healthcare facility.

Action Group: B3 Integrated care

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