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This platform is a communication and information hub for all actors involved in Active and Healthy Ageing through Europe; the place to promote news and events, to meet and exchange ideas with peers, to look for potential partners on innovative projects. Join our growing and fruitful community and let's work together to make the EU a place of excellence in innovation for healthy ageing!

Welcome to the EIP on AHA portal

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To further recognize the contributions to excellence of those partners that keep the Partnership alive and add value through collaborative efforts, the European Commission has developed a set of "EIP on AHA recognition marks”.

The EIP on AHA logo can be used by any EIP on AHA partners in web materials, presentations and stationery as the partner organizations wish to.

Find free materials, documentation and tools to improve your knowledge and expertise in the public procurement of innovation.

Just stay informed on what happens, participate by posting information, become active in an Action Group. You decide your level of involvement, you are welcome either way!

Discover the common monitoring framework for the EIP on AHA.

Discover what are the new Reference Sites and the

Discover what are the new Reference Sites and how European Regions create a digital single market in Active and Healthy Ageing. 

Get an integrated geographical visualisation of all the key activities of EIPonAHA.

Do you want to know more about standardization in AHA? Visit new section on standards with more than 500 items!

New market opportunities related to the rights, needs and demands of the (growing) population over 50.


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MAFEIP workshop: Support Services for the Management and Utilization of Monitoring and Assessment of the EIP-MAFEIP Tool

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Satellite Services for Future Health

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Today people live longer, more urban lifestyles. But technology can accompany lifestyle and demographics change.

New solutions are...