Online preparatory courses for study in European universities

Publication date: 19/04/2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many universities across Europe have adapted their teaching methods to meet new needs. 

Female student studying

Among these changes, is the increased availability of online preparatory courses, including both bridging courses and foundation years, for higher education programmes. 

Preparatory courses are focused learning programmes designed to help students to enter a higher education programme of their choice. 

These courses offer a flexible learning experience to students, allowing you to boost your knowledge and skills before beginning a full programme of study.

They also provide a useful opportunity to discover whether a university’s teaching methods is well-suited to your individual learning needs and to confirm your interest in a subject.

Finally, some preparatory courses allow students who do not meet entry (including language) requirements for a full programme of study, the chance to pursue their studies of choice and to prepare for a full course. 

Discover some select examples of online preparatory courses below:





Czech Republic


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