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Gender Equality in Europe

Publication date: 09/07/2021

The EU strives for women, men, girls and boys to have equal opportunities in Europe. Would you like to contribute to achieving a gender equal Europe? Consider studying Gender Studies in Europe.

Shot of an unrecognizable woman holding a notepad written "WE ARE ALL EQUAL!" in the city

Although gender gaps still remain in Europe, equality is a core principle of the European Union.

The European Commission aims to end gender discrimination by taking concrete measures to

  • challenge gender stereotypes
  • close the gender gaps in the labour market, including in pay and pensions
  • achieve equal participation across different sectors of the economy
  • close the gender gap in child care and other services
  • achieve gender balance in decision-making and in politics

Improvements in gender equality brings many benefits such as higher employment and greater productivity levels.

Gender equality study programmes

Are you interested in gender equality and would you like to develop sustainable perspectives to help future research and action?

Discover the study programmes in the field of gender equality below.




Czech Republic








Further information

Find out more about the Gender equality strategy from the European Commission.

Read more about initiatives and good practices in gender equality within the EU on the website of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).


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