Country in the Spotlight: Portugal
Publication date: 05/07/2019

Sun 255 days a year

portugal mountains lake

It is sunny 255 days a year, the local cuisine is great and diverse and the lifestyle is laid back and relaxed. Portugal once was an important world power and you can still see this in its vibrant cities: Lisbon, Porto and Faro are full of history, culture and activity. See it for yourself when you pick Portugal as the place to pursue your bachelors or masters degree! Because besides everything already mentioned, Portugal offers first class higher education.

Quality learning

Over 110 institutions across Portugal offer more than 5000 courses. Many of these courses are taught in English, others are in Portuguese. International students have plenty of choice when it comes to Higher Education. You can find Portuguese institutions in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities top 500 and the QS World university rankings. Portuguese higher education stands out thanks to its multicultural environment, openness and international perspective. The number of international students has doubled over the last eight years, making Portugal’s higher education more international still.

Portugal devotes a lot of effort and investment to connecting people to science, technology, higher education and open science, places where science and society meet. Scientific knowledge is a common, inclusive and available good for everyone’s use. To study and to do research in Portugal is to participate and engage in society.

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Porto and fado

You will not get bored in Portugal. In the cities, there is something to do at every corner. Visit small, rough-and-ready fado bars in Lisbon, or taste the latest local vintage in Porto. You can eat super-fresh fish almost everywhere. With its sunny and pleasant climate, life in Portugal is first and foremost on the street. So grab your pastel de nata, go sit on a bench somewhere and watch people socialise, make music or watch entire parades go by.

Higher education institutions encourage students to participate in sports and culture. There are many clubs you could join to experience Portugal to the fullest extent.

Just a quick ride out of the cities, the Portuguese countryside unfolds offering lush hills, rough mountains and award-winning beaches. Nature is as diverse as the Portuguese culture, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, surfing or mountain biking. Portugal’s many islands offer a great way to escape life for a (long) weekend, with each island offering its own culture and local cuisine.

portugal national flag

Safe and easy-going

Portugal is a safe and quiet country, enjoying a politically stable and socially peaceful environment. In 2018 it ranked 4th place on the Global Peace Index. This makes Portugal the perfect place to explore your passions in study and in life. Institutions really take care of their students and help them on the way to fulfilling their potential. The Portuguese are known for being tolerant, open to multiculturalism and enjoying diversity. They are a genuine, passionate and family-friendly people that you will feel right at home with.

Portugal is a happy place! It is a great place for you to explore what you’re capable of and to grow. Not only in your field of study, but as a person. Immerse yourself in a new environment with other international students and be inspired by the creativity, passion and diversity. In Portugal, you will excel and feel at home. In short: in Portugal you’ll be happy.

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