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Country in the Spotlight: Bulgaria

Publication date: 10/07/2019
Where Europe meets the Orient.

Bulgaria has it all: splendid nature, with high mountains and lustrous beaches; vibrant cities, centuries old and packed with culture; and great higher education. No wonder that Bulgaria’s popularity among international students has been increasing in the past years, making the country more diverse still.

Industry skills

With over 50 universities, Bulgaria is a great place to study, and relatively inexpensive as well. Study programmes are well-aligned with market demand for skilled workers. Industry is the mainstay of Bulgaria’s economy, and many institutions offer programmes tailored to this, making sure your industry skills are well-developed by the time you graduate. Traditionally Bulgarian higher education attaches great importance to the fields of medicine, engineering and pedagogy. Of particular interest are also specialisations in aerospace, energy, nuclear technologies (including nuclear medicine), mechatronics, cybersecurity, and nanotechnology. Undergraduates in information technologies are often winners of world competitions and participate in a good number of innovative incentives. Other important sectors are wholesale and retail trade or transport, agriculture and veterinary medicine. There is so much to choose if you want to study in Bulgaria. Universities offer over 600 specialties in 52 fields and are easily found in the Bulgarian ranking system.

Bulgarian universities can help you grow. More and more programmes are taught in English. But you can also study in Russian, German or French! Still it is handy to learn a bit of Bulgarian, to make the most of your travel through the country.

Come and explore

Bulgaria is a diverse country. Being on the crossroads between Europe and Asia Minor, you see the influence of many cultures. Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe? You can still see remains of Thracian, Roman and Byzantine settlements, dating back centuries. You can also visit medieval castles and churches. The capital Sofia is a beautiful mix of modern and youthful, but ancient and traditional at the same time. If you are an explorer with a taste for culture, Bulgaria is the right place for you.

Geographically, the country has a lot to offer as well. Spend your summer strolling the banks of the Danube, or relaxing in one of the many beach resorts on the Black Sea. Eat fresh fish and lots of yoghurt! You can spot countless birds and turtles when you travel from the coastal area into the lowlands. Or go hiking on Vitosha mountain, if you want to escape Sofia’s hustle and bustle. The outdoors is always just a bus ride away, lush and green in summer and snowy and frozen in the winter.

Come and experience friendly people, stunning nature and a diverse culture, while you are studying to become the professional that you have always wanted to be. You’ll go back home a changed person, with Bulgaria in a special place in your heart. Start your future, come study in Bulgaria.

For more information on studying in Bulgaria, visit the Study in Bulgaria Facebook page or Bulgaria's country profile. Are you studying in Bulgaria and do you want to share your story? Email us at info@studyineuropefairs.eu.

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