Мишљење школа које су користиле Селфи
"It is a great opportunity for us, and it is very important that our viewpoints are valued. We are the key people for building, step-by-step, a better use of technologies for learning."
Student, Spain
"I think SELFIE is a very important tool as it invites the school communities to start a discussion on how they can improve the use of technologies. In this process it is very important to also hear the viewpoints of students. Because someone can think that they use technologies effectively in a school, but maybe students have a totally different opinion."
Student, Ireland
"Students are happier with the quality of their computer classes thanks to the changes we made after we received the SELFIE report!"
Teacher, Greece
"Students feel ownership of the decisions we've taken on digital technologies as they gave input and joined discussions on the results."
Teacher, Cyprus