SELFIE can help your school have a better understanding of how digital technologies are used to support teaching and learning.

SELFIE involves students, teachers and school leaders in a collective reflection on technology use. Its results can highlight issues including:

  • in what areas is technology used effectively and where can the school improve?
  • does the school have a vision for how it wants to use technology and, if so, do staff and students know what it is?
  • what kind of training do teachers find most beneficial?
  • where should funding be allocated?

SELFIE can help a school make informed decisions by reviewing and continuously improving how digital technologies are used for teaching, learning and assessment.


  • free
  • customisable
  • available in 30+ languages
  • easy to set up and answer questions
  • private - no personal data is collected
  • designed and tested with schools across Europe

What schools say

Very useful for improving technologies in schools.
School leader, Ireland
It is useful to improve teaching with technology in schools.
Teacher, Denmark
An excellent online instrument for a better understanding of digital and internet technologies at school.
School leader, Georgia
Thanks to this questionnaire I learned a lot.
Teacher, Italy