SELFIE resources

Resources for school leaders, teachers and students

Guidance on using SELFIE, communications material and reports.

Guidance for using SELFIE

Help for school coordinators on setting up and using SELFIE 
PDF 1.4Mb

Step by step check list PDF 243Kb

Setting up SELFIE - video guide

Sample questions

Questions on remote teaching and learning
PDF 178Kb available in 24 languages

All current SELFIE questions
PDF 698Kb

Sample report

See how your school report might look
PDF 3.7Mb

Communication materials

SELFIE visual
Format: PNG 193Kb | Dimension: 3115px x 1573px

Infographic factsheets

Background publications

Policy report: The European Framework for Digitally-Competent Educational Organisations (DigCompOrg)
A European framework for digitally-competent educational organisations
Joint Research Centre, 2015

Conference report - SELFIE Forum: teaching and learning in the digital age
Joint Research Centre, 2019

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