Curious where you stand with digital technology in your teaching?

Want to see your strong points and where you can improve?

Explore SELFIEforTEACHERS, the free self-reflection tool for primary and secondary school teachers.

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How does it work?

SELFIEforTEACHERS gives you a snapshot of your digital capabilities.

Answer a series of reflective questions to assess your confidence and experience in using digital technologies, tools and resources for teaching, communicating, collaborating with colleagues and supporting learner digital skills.

Receive an automated report showing your current capabilities in each area, along with suggestions on how to improve. You'll also get a digital badge or certificate to show that you’ve taken part.

Your responses to the questions and your report are private, and will only be seen by others if you choose to share it with them.


How do I sign up?

Any primary or secondary teacher, in or outside the European Union, can sign up.

If you do not have one you will first have to create an account with EU Login.

This is so you can save your answers and result in the tool.

All answers are anonymous and your personalised report is only shared if you choose to do so. selfie for teachers cartoon

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Key features

  • free online tool
  • takes around 25 minutes to complete
  • receive automatic feedback report with results and tips for next steps
  • all answers are anonymous
  • different language versions available
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Team up with colleagues

You can also use SELFIEforTEACHERS with other teaching colleagues, where the anonymous aggregated results are shared with the group. This is great if you’re planning training in your school, with other schools or in your municipality or region.

Don't take our word for it - see what others are saying

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Who's behind it?

SELFIEforTEACHERS is run by the European Commission.

It’s part of the Commission’s efforts to support teachers’ digital competence and to enhance learning in the digital age.

It is one of the 13 initiatives of the Commission’s Digital Education Action Plan.

Discover the 13 initiatives

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Where does it come from?

SELFIEforTEACHERS is based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators.

It was piloted with 4,000 teachers and validated before its launch on 5 October 2021.

What are others saying about it?

Secondary school teacher, Lithuania

SELFIE was very interesting for me. I appreciated having it in Lithuanian language. I saw my strengths and weaknesses.

Policy maker, Portugal

As a regional government, we can use the anonymous data to respond better to the needs of teachers and better learning for our students.

Primary school teacher, Portugal

I didn’t feel evaluated, if anything it made me feel validated.

Teacher educator, Ireland

It is coming at exactly the right time. As we move post-COVID, we are asking how can we involve teachers more meaningfully in how they can build their digital capabilities and competence. A major challenge is knowing where they are at in terms of competence. This tool is really of benefit to teachers.

Secondary school teacher, Estonia

I got tips that helped me plan my activities in the next year.

Primary school teacher, Italy

It would be great to share aggregated data to help us define actions and goals at the school level.

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