Framework Service Contract to carry out studies supporting European cooperation in education, youth, sport and culture
Reference: EAC-01-2019
Published on 15/04/2019
Deadline: 05.06.2019 16:00(Brussels time)

Based on this call for tenders, the Commission will sign framework contracts, which will enable to procure studies in all fields of competence of DG EAC and including education, training, research and innovation, youth, sport and culture.

The main objective is to enhance evidence-based policy making and support the Commission's work with reliable knowledge, evidence, analysis and policy guidance on specific topics in these fields. The studies to be procured will relate to the policy context described in the Tender specifications and support the design and implementation of the EU policy agenda and EU programmes in this field.  This contract is based on the system of multiple framework contracts with reopening of competition. One framework contract will be concluded on the same terms with each contractor, up to a maximum of four contractors
The specific studies to be procured under the framework contracts will typically include the following categories of tasks (non-exhaustive list):

  • In-depth review, analysis and interpretation of existing knowledge in official reports, academic literature, statistical data, national and international surveys and in other relevant sources of information.
  • Collection and analyses of new empirical data and first-hand information from Member States' administrations and from other relevant national and international stakeholders (including from the private sector and European federations or associations,) using surveys, interviews, focus groups and other relevant research methodologies.
  • Workshops with relevant stakeholders to debate and elaborate the preliminary research findings and interpretations.
  • Identification of policy options based on the results of the three previous categories of tasks and assessment of their feasibility and expected impact.

For more details check the eTendering call page.