About resources and tools

The Commission has developed a range of tools designed to support Member States and their citizens.

The EU collects substantial amounts of information relevant to education, training and professional development across Member States.  Reliably sharing this knowledge – and providing the resources necessary for individuals to take that first or next step into education – is therefore of primary importance.   This page provides a list of tools and resources that support many of the education programmes the EU has to offer.

Without funding, individuals often find themselves unable to proceed any further towards their educational goals.  Access to funding information across the spectrum of education and training in the EU is consequently of paramount importance to prospective and continuing students.  

Comprehensive documents supporting the EU's education policies, including research and statistical records can be accessed via the EAT website, as can links to other useful tools the EU has compiled to assist individuals in their research.

This website is largely the product of EU citizens' desire to improve how individuals access information about education.  Prior to developing the site, the Commission enquired as to what people would like to see changed or improved with regard to the Commission's online education presence; some of the most frequent queries and concerns have been catalogued on the Your questions answered page.