Education and Culture

Welcome to the Education, Audio-visual, Culture, Citizenship and Volunteering Participant Portal

The Participant Portal is your entry point for the electronic administration of EU-funded projects under the programmes:

  • Creative Europe
  • Erasmus+
  • Europe for Citizens
  • EU Aid Volunteers
  • Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme
  • European Solidarity Corps.

If you plan to submit a project proposal under one of these programmes, or wish to participate as an independent expert, you are required to register your organisation or expert details here. For informal groups of young people, one member of the group should register, as a natural person, in the Organisation tab, on behalf of the group. In the Organisation tab you will be able to search for registered organisations.

1 To register your organisation or expert details, you need first to have an ECAS account (European Commission Authentication Service)

2 If you don't have an ECAS account, you can create one by clicking here or by using the "Register" button above. Further information on ECAS accounts can be found here.

3 Authenticate your identity using the "Login" button above and continue your registration by clicking the Organisations or Expert tabs.

To register or modify your organisation or Expert details, you need to authenticate your identity using your ECAS account. You can do this by clicking or by using the "Login" button above.