2019 U-Multirank ranking: European universities performing well
Publication date: 05/06/2019
On 4 June 2019, U-Multirank published its sixth annual and largest-ever edition of world ranking of universities – scoring more than 1,700 universities from 96 countries.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, U-Multirank compares higher education institutions’ performance in areas that matter most to students. An interactive map showing the universities with top overall performance is a new feature U-Multirank has added in this year’s edition.

European higher education institutions are doing well: EDHEC Business School (France), Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) are among the top performers. U-Multirank has also analysed the international openness of universities worldwide. Results show that the more universities cooperate internationally, the more satisfied their students are with their learning experience.

These universities also perform better in knowledge transfer and research impact. U-Multirank’s latest results not only give insights into the effects of open borders, but also make universities’ performance more transparent.  Students can thereby be better informed about what – or where to study based on what matters most to them.

Universities can use U-Multirank data to assess their strengths and weaknesses, find ways to improve and identify possible partners to cooperate with. Users are provided with the world’s largest customisable online rankings system: not only focusing on research, but highlighting the full diversity of the higher education system.

The U-Multirank release comprises a communication package that can be used to showcase a country’s top universities on a national or global scale – and can benefit universities by promoting student recruitment, and countries as study destinations. With online tools, videos and infographics, U-Multirank offers country reports that focus on selected countries’ university performance. ‘Top 25’ performance lists in study areas such as university-industry relations, the most international universities, or ‘Study in’ pages are only a few examples of how U-Multirank promotes participant higher education institutions.

Universities interested in U-Multirank Communications activities should send an email to info@umultirank.org, or media@umultirank.org.