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Delegations from 30 European countries and stakeholder organisations, including both policy-makers and practitioners, discussed key challenges for the governance of school education at an exciting conference in Brussels, 17-18 May 2018.

The conference highlighted the results of the ET2020 Working Group on Schools, an EU expert group that over the last two years focused on how education systems can address the serious challenges of quality and equity in order to strive for better learning outcomes for all young people.

It began with a keynote from world-renowned education expert Andy Hargreaves. Among the other successes of the event was that delegations had the opportunity to translate the work into action plans for their own contexts. 

Key messages were also captured by graphic artists: 



ET2020 Working Group Schools 

From 2016-2018, the group has focused on four key areas of governance, setting out guiding principles for policy development within a context of recent research and changing environments for school education. These are further illustrated with over 100 specific examples from countries, in order to critically reflect on how different approaches have been put into practice, and with what results.

The outputs have been published on the Working Group's webpage.

The group also produced a short video in order to share their main ideas and how the ET2020 process has benefited them: