'Humans and societies in the age of artificial intelligence': Report

Publication date: 19/05/2021

This short, but comprehensive report explores some of the longer term impacts that artificial intelligence may have on humans and societies in the fields of education, culture and creativity and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will radically change our lives and transform our societies. This shift, which has already started, will most probably be the deepest and fastest humanity has ever experienced. 

While most of the ongoing discussions on AI limit themselves to the short and medium-term effects, this report goes beyond the most immediate challenges to explore the longer-term impacts that AI may have on humans and societies.

The report 'Humans and societies in the age of artificial intelligence' explores:

  • how our education systems need to evolve to remain relevant in the age of AI
  • the creative potential of machines and their role in the development of new art forms
  • how cultural context influences the way in which AI and its applications are designed and deployed in different parts of the world

It summarises the key issues in 10 takeaways and suggests a list of possible actions to be taken by policymakers.

Registration for expression of interest for higher education institutions

In 2018, the European Commission adopted the first Digital Education Action Plan outlining the key policy challenges around digital education. 

As part of this action plan, the European Commission aims to create a publicly available online service leveraging AI and learning analytics to respond to labour market trends and to allow higher education institutions to adapt and respond to skills needs.

This will be achieved through the Digital Education Action Plan pilot project ‘Artificial Intelligence and learning analytics in education’ coordinated by the Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) and Directorate-General for Informatics (DG DIGIT). 

To facilitate this, we need higher education institutions to submit data on programme descriptions to evaluate this against labour market demands. 

Contribute to the pilot project through our registration form for expression of interest today!  

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